Moving Overseas Shipping

Moving Overseas Shipping

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Packing Instructions for a Container Ship

Look for holes, dents, bulges, and fractures in the outside walls. Doors should have watertight gaskets and no loose or warped hinges or latches. Check the container’s corners for damaged Lifting Fittings. Check for damaged container-trailer connections. 

Make sure the container’s cloth cover is in good condition and firmly secured. Before using a container, previous labels (such as those for dangerous items) must be removed. Check that refrigerated containers have the right temperature set.

Smooth, without splinters, snags, dents, or bulges. The container should be empty. Indoors, there must be no dampness or ice. To avoid delays from the Port Health Authorities, check for bugs, rodents, pathogens, and fungi. 

As soon as the container’s doors are opened, check for odors. This container is scented. Check for watertightness using these methods. Close and lock the container’s doors, then search for light on the panels or floor.

The packet provides vital information. Check that all cargo cleats and rings are properly attached and operating as intended. Use baffles to prevent rain from entering vents.

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